Updated: 10/22/99

Ami Shimojima, first daughter, in red dress. Born in Sakai, Japan, in 1989. A fourth grade student at Miyatake Elementary School. Likes to draw pretty pictures like this one. Here is another artwork of hers. She was recently awarded for an essay that pictures her dream of becoming a vet. Obviously tallented in watching sports, becoming VERY knowledgable about whatever sports on TV.

Chika, second daughter, the tiny one in yellow dress. Born in Bloomington, Indiana, in 1992. Just entered the Miyatake Elementary School. Currently fascinated by jelly fishes (yes, those trasparent, floating things), trying to visit EVERY aquarium in the world housing them. Favorite activities: drawing, playing musical instruments, and hand crafting.

Mari, wife, in green suits. Born in Wakayama, Japan, not so long ago. A veteran piano teacher, but currently more interested in raising the two children. Likes to bake cakes.

Finally, the person in blue suits is myself, Atsushi. I take care of, and am taken care of by, these girls.

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