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Updated: 12/2/98

December: I am looking forward to giving a talk on channel theory and graphical representation at a meeting of Kobe Mathematical Logic Society (12/15). Nik Swoboda, now at ATR Media Integration and Communications Labs, is also giving a talk at the same meeting.

December: I just finsihed up my lecture series on "The Efficacy on Representation" as an advanced graduate course at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. I am writing up a book on the same topic.

October--November: I published a paper entitled "What we can do with channel theory?" in Journal of Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Systems. It is written in Japanese, and the exact reference is here. I also gave an invited talk out of this paper at a meeting of the "Research for the Future" project, sponsored by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

August: We presented a paper on "An Informational Analaysis of Echoic Responses in Dialogue" at the Tweintieth Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, held at the University of Wisconsin, USA. The exact reference is here.

Attention: If you read Japanese, please visit the Homepage of the Shimojima Lab at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. The English version is under preparation.

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