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Oct.24~Oct.24,2013@Paper Accepted

SITIS 2013
T.T. Tran, F. Chen, K. Kotani and Bac Le Hoai, "Automatic Extraction of Semantic Action Features," The 9th International Conference on Signal Image Technology & Internet-based Systems (SITIS 2013),(Accepted) 2013.

Oct.09~Oct.09,2013@Research Grant

The Telecom. Advancement Foundation Grant for Long-term Oversea Research

Sep.23~Sep.23,2013@Paper Accepted

IEEE Transaction on Multimedia
F. Chen, C. De Vleeschouwer, and A.Cavallaro, "Resource Allocation for Personalized Video Summarization," IEEE Transaction on Multimedia, (To Appear), 2013. [PDF]

Sep.11~Sep.11,2013@Paper Accepted

Fundamenta Informaticae
T.T. Tran, F. Chen, K. Kotani and Bac Le Hoai, "Extraction of Discriminative Patterns from Skeleton Sequences for Accurate Action Recognition," Fundamenta Informaticae, (IF2012: 0.399) (Accepted), 2013.

Aug.29~Aug.30,2013@Exhibition, Tokyo

Innovation Japan 2013
F. Chen, "監視システムにおける監視画像の統合、閲覧及び配信方法," Innovation Japan 2013, Aug.29-30, 2013.

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Aug.26~Aug.28,2013@Session Co-chair&Presentation

RO-MAN 2013@Gyeongju, KOREAN

Aug.01~Aug.22,2013@Paper Accepted!

KICSS 2013
Y. Kasuga, F. Chen and K. Kotani, ” A Combined Similarity Method for Facial Expression Recognition from Multi-view images based on Class Feature,” The 8th International Conference on Knowledge, Information, and Creativity Support Systems (KICSS) 2013, 2013.

RIVF 2013
T.T. Tran, F. Chen, K. Kotani and Bac Le Hoai, ” An Apriori-like Algorithm for Automatic Extraction of the Common Action Characteristics ,” The 10th IEEE RIVF International Conference on Computing and Communication Technologies (RIVF) 2013, 2013.

VCIP 2013
T.T. Tran, F. Chen, K. Kotani and Bac Le Hoai, ” An Apriori-like Algorithm for Automatic Extraction of the Common Action Characteristics ,” The IEEE Visual Communications and Image Processing (VCIP) 2013, 2013.


Malaysia-Japan Workshop
F. Chen, "Multi-sensored Vision for Autonomous Production of Personalized Video Content," Malaysia-Japan Workshop for Advanced Technology in Informatikon and Knowledge, June. 2013.

May.08~May.08,2013@Paper Accepted!

F. Chen and C. De Vleeschouwer, ”Personalized Summarization of Broadcasted Soccer Videos with Adaptive Fast-forwarding,” 5th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment (INTETAIN) 2013, 2013.

May.03~May.03,2013@Paper Accepted!

RO-MAN 2013
F. Chen, "Hot-spot Detection by Group Interaction Extraction from Trajectories," The 22nd IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN) 2013, Special Session on Perception for Multiple Persons using Multiple Sensors, Paper 66. 2013.




特許出願。Patent Application Submitted!
F. Chen, "映像監視システム、映像処理サーバ及び監視映像の閲覧・配信方法 (A Video Surveillance System and A Method for Browsing and Broadcasting Video Content)," 特願2013-067773, Mar.28, 2013.

Feb.28~Feb.28,2013@Paper Accepted!

F. Chen and A. Cavallaro, ”Detecting Group Interactions by Online Association of Trajectory Data,” ICASSP 2013, Paper 2093. 2013.

Feb.06~Feb.06,2013@Chinese Embassy in Tokyo


2013 Spring Festival Reception for Academic People


Nov.27~Nov.30,2012@Xi'an, China.

JAIST CSC Advertisement Activity

Oct.05~Oct.05,2012@SLA(Sharp Lab.America),USA

Lab. Visit&Presentation

Sep.30~Oct.03,2012@Orlando, FL, USA

ICIP 2012

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JUL.15~JUL.21,2012@Sicily, Italy


Feb.01, 2012~Mar.27, 2012@QMUL,UK

Academic Visitor

I am working on automatic detection of multi-object interactions from surveillance videos and sport videos, so as to provide clues for event detection and behavoral analysis. The above photo is for collecting subjective evaluation data with eye-trackers.

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Jan.16, 2012@Tokyo

中国大使館2012留日学人春节招待会 Spring Festival Reception for Academic People

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Jan.12, 2012@JAIST, Ishikawa

MoU Signing Ceremony with China Scholarship Council (As Translator)

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Oct.19-21, 2011@Xi'an


Presented a paper titled "Robust Volumetric Reconstruction from Noisy Multi-view Foreground Occupancy Masks", which is targeting at reconstructing human body from moving, and loosy synchronized multi camera data.

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Oct.20-21, 2011@Fukui



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Jul.10, 2011@Barcelona


Presented a paper titled "Automatic Summarization of Broadcasted Soccer Videos with Adaptive Fast-forwarding", which intends to implement adaptive fast-forwarding as well as video truncation for generating personalized video summaries.

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Jun.09, 2011@JAIST

New Project Launched!

The PRIME project targets at providing a solution for automatic generation of informative and personalized field video reports for future intelligent multiview environments, e.g. surveillance, which is supported by the MEXT Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B) No.23700110 from year 2011 to 2014.

Project HP!

Apr.07, 2011@JAIST

JAIST MVS Database Released


Demo video

Database Released!

Mar.25, 2011@JAIST

1st Video Acquisition


Mar.02, 2011@JAIST

Subjective Evaluation Test!


* Note that the main purpose of this subjective evaluation is to investigate the relevance of the proposed system in personalizing video summaries for satisfying various user preferences. Due to the limitation of network bandwidth, the videos are encoded in low bitrates. Hence, the video quality itself should be excluded from the following subjective evaluation of system performance.
* ユーザーの好みに応じて、個人化ビデオ内容を提供する能力を検証することが、本実験の目的です。ネット上でスムースにビデオを転送するため、低いビットレートで全ての映像を圧縮しました。それゆえ、画像品質はかなり低下しました。評価する際には、画質の代わりに、語義上でビデオ内容とユーザーの要求との一致性に着目し、本システムの性能を評価してください。

I want to help!

Feb.20, 2011@Kanazawa

The 2011 Symposium on Modeling of Speech and Audio-Visual Mechanism

This paper serves as a review of all our past works on video summarization in the resource allocation framework, for presenting in the joint symposium between JAIST and Tianjin University. We systematically introduced the resource allocation based video summarization, and our recent progress.

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Feb.02, 2011@JAIST

Permission from Life-science Committee



*The 2010 Grant-in-Aid for Research Activity Start-up.


Dec.20, 2010@JAIST

Setup of Camera-Network


*研究目的:大規模な分散式監視システムにおいて、膨大なビデオ情報を効率よく 管理することが重要な課題である。本研究には、知的監視システムの 将来展開として、物体や事件などの文脈情報を有効に利用し、ユーザ ーの要求に対して、オンラインまたはオフラインで状況説明用ビデオ の自動生成機能を実現する手法を考える。

*Purpose:This research targets at efficient management and retrieval of media data in future large-scale surveillance system. Especially, we aim at developing a system to automatically generate an online/offline field reports to satisfy various user preferences, based on contextual informations.


*The 2010 Grant-in-Aid for Research Activity Start-up.

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Sep. 26-29, 2010@HK


*NEC C&C財団から国際会議助成金を頂いたことに深く感謝申し上げます。

*Special thanks to the NEC C&C Foundation for the sponsorship。

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Jul. 19-23, 2010@SG


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March, 2010@JAIST

Setup my HP!

Jan. 11, 2010@JAIST

Starting my new position!

Moved to jaist and start my work and living here.

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