Initial Results of Autonomous Production and Summarization

In this page, you will find the initial output of our project in autonomous and personalized production and summarization for sport videos. We will report in this page our most recent achievements with demo videos, graphs and other related contributions, such as our tools developed for this project. Since this is still an active project, we will not always release the latest tools publicly. In the following contents, we will use "Update History" to record our new progress of the project, while we use "Public Release History" to log the important release of our tool sets to the public.
Note: All demo videos are encoded in xvid mpeg 4 format. If you could not replay the demo video, please download the latest vlc media player for your os or other proper players. Get VLC Media Player
1. View Initial Results of Autonomous Production and Summarization of Basketball Videos from Multiple Cameras
**Update History:
generated video under resolution  320
Feb. 28, 2011: Help us finish a subjective evaluation for TMM. View Detailed Results
Nov. 02, 2010: An autonomous framework for production and distribution of personalized summaries. [Paper has been accepted by TMM.] View Detailed Results
Jan. 29, 2010: Revised prototype with basketball summarization. Paper has been submitted to ICIP2010. View Detailed Results
Aug. 10, 2009: Revised prototype. [Related paper accepted by CVIU] View Detailed Results
Jun. 15, 2009: Results on the whole second quarter based on fully automatically detected players. View Detailed Results
May. 5, 2009: Patenting application submitted. [Autonomous production and personalized summarization of multi-view video content.]  
Jan. 10, 2009: First prototype. [Related paper accepted by WIAMIS 2009] View Detailed Results
2. View Initial Results of Resource Allocation Based Summarization Framework for Broadcasted Team-sport Videos
**Update History:
demo for summarizing broadcasted video
Dec. 15, 2010: New Results for ICME2011 [Accepted] View Details
May. 10, 2010: New Results for TCSVT View Details
Mar. 31, 2010: New Results for ICME2010 View Details
Sep. 07, 2009: New Results for IBC2009 View Details
Jul. 8, 2009: Help Us Finish a Subjective Test View Details
Jun. 18, 2009: Implementation of Our First Online Summarization System Try and Evaluate It!
Feb. 12, 2009: First prototype. [Related paper accepted by ICIP 2009.] View Detailed Results
3. Apidis Tool Series  
**Public Release History:
screenshot of apidis tools
View Video Tutorial Get Apidis Tool Set Build Dec. 17, 2008 for Windows 32bits Get User Manual
Note:This tool is distributed for free as it is. Redistribution of this tool without the permission from the apidis project is NOT allowed. The author and the APIDIS project reserve all the copyrights.
**Update History:
Note:Contact the author for the latest version if you are interested.
Jun. 3, 2009: New module for subjective evaluation. Functionality Added
screenshot of apidis tools
Apr. 17, 2009: New module for processing raw bayer data. Functionality Added
screenshot of apidis toolsscreenshot of apidis tools
Sep. 12, 2010: New release of the toolset with new manual. New Release
  Get Apidis Tool Set Build Sep. 12, 2010 for Windows 32bits Get User Manual
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