Kaken Project -
Content Repurposing for Adaptive Browsing in Intelligent Surveillance

The CRABIS project targets at providing a solution for automatic generation of informative and personalized field video reports for future intelligent multiview environments, e.g. surveillance, which is supported by the MEXT Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B) No.26730086 from year 2014 to 2017. In this page, we will record the whole research/ development progress of this project.  
2.Tasks, Methods, and Results  
  2.1 Multi-view Object Tracking  
  2.2 Anomaly Detection and Scene Understanding  
    2.2.1 Anomaly Detection at Pixel Level  
      Jan. 20, 2015 Anomaly Detection by Using Random Projection Forest.  
    2.2.2 Anomaly Detection at Trajectory Level  
  2.3 Queriable Event Representation  
    2.3.1 Event Representation for Query-by-Case  
    2.3.2 Event Representation for Query-by-Grammar  
  2.4 Multi-view Video Summarization for Adaptive Browsing  
    2.4.1 Spatial-temporal Reorganization  
    2.4.2 Personalized Event Query in Video Summarization  
  2.5 Interface Design and Implementation  
3. Related Publications(Full Publication List)  

a) F. Chen, Z. Liu and M.T. Sun, "Anomaly Detection by Using Random Projection Forest", ICIP 2015, Paper ID 271, (Accepted) Sep. 2015.

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Extra Information  
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