Daily Archives: 2011年10月29日

a day in Nagoya

I spent a day in Nagoya, my hometown. The prime aim was to carry back a gas fan-heater to home, which was collected instantly. The second, not so important, aim was to take a 8mm cinema camera, which was easily found, too. It was so bright and sunny. We went out for walk. Some of our neighbors decorated her gate with a ribbon. It looked cute. I did not know why she had done it.

We also went to shopping and I found an interesting book at a cafe, where we ate our late lunch. The book contains lots of wonderful photos taken by Howard Schatz. The book is titled: Body Knots.  I am sure that you will find it interesting, too. Should buy a copy.

An ornament at the gateBody Knots, exciting

Body Knots, exciting