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An okonomiyaki (Japanese Pizza) party

A couple who are good friend of ours kindly invited us for lunch. We made pieces of good okonomiyaki, a Japanese style Pizza. They tasted very nice. We normally do not eat them as we do not have such a custom to eat okonomiyaki at home. All participants were in that sense a novice, but we made nice pieces by learning the best practice on the net.

We walked out to digest them in our stomach in the late afternoon. We found a Komeda Coffe, a well known franchised coffee seller based in Nagoya, near our home. The locals are all fancy for having a breakfast there. They are famous for serving considerable amount of foods with a cup of coffee for breakfast. They open next month. It would be good idea for us to drop in for breakfast sometime.

we made pieces of okonomi-yaki

we spotted a Komeda Coffee

I have slowly learnt how to take a nicely blurred picture

a bunch of flowers in the field

my piano tuned

It was fine, warm. A piano tuner turned up to tune my piano. He worked on the keys and adjusted the actions. The touch seems to be greatly improved. Lots of work, good job.

I went to a piano concert by Cho Seong-Jin, a Korean, young pianist. He is just seven-teen years old! He played all Chopin’s Ballades and Listz’s sonata. He also played Chopin’s second scherzo for encore. Very passionate performance. I loved it.

a view from my balcony to the institute

my piano reworked, adjusted, and tuned

wet and cold

It rained badly. I visited Univ. of Kanazawa for a meeting. Leaves are turned red now in residential areas. Winter is approaching.

Autumn ends soon

played list

Frederic Chopin
Nocturne No. 12 in G Major, Op. 37, No. 2

Sergei Rachmaninoff
Etudes-Tableaux, Op. 33, No. 2 in C Major
Etudes-Tableaux, Op. 39
No. 3 in F-sharp Minor
No. 4 in B Minor
No. 5 in E-flat Minor
No. 6 in A Minor
No. 8 in D Minor

Preludes, Op. 23
No. 3 in D Minor
No. 4 in D Major

Preludes, Op. 32
No. 8 in A Minor
No. 9 in A Major
No. 10 in B Minor
No. 11 in B Major
No. 12 in G-sharp Minor

Morris Ravel
Sonatine, Op. 40
2. Mouvement de menuet
3. Animé

Miroirs, Op. 43
5. La vallée des cloches in C-sharp Minor
3. Une barque sur l’océa in F-sharp Minor

a bench to home

It rained, sometime very stormy, sometimes sunny. Busy weather. I toyed with the camera in the morning, taking some pictures of items around me. It was fun to see how it captures images. We went out in the afternoon to drop in a workshop and found unexpectedly a nice bench that fits our room. It was also not so expensive. I bought it to take it back to home.

We went out again, having placed the bench in the living. It started to rain heavily. Someone was talking about a rainbow and I went out of the shop to see it by myself. The rainbow was fading. The sky was slowly cleared up.

mandarin oranges picked up in our garden

we found a lovely bench in the workshop

the weather was unstable through the day

a clerk spotted out a rainbow

the sun was seen sometimes