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a seminar in Sunday afternoon

We hold an interim seminar this afternoon although it was Sunday. I do not work so much this month and needed to complement the days off. I will not be in my office for the latter half of the month. Ms. Duo visited our laboratory for the first time since she had been graduated this March. She looked well. We ate pieces of cake she brought for us. We decided to send messages to our graduates every time we hold an interim seminar so that they are obliged to bring a cake for our tea break.

photo taken by Ms. Duo

faculty development meeting

We hold a meeting in central Kanazawa to discuss how to develop our faculty. We stayed together in a hotel previous day and had a good time eating and drinking. The following day (this day) is another day for discussion. Prof. Kondo is great guy. He used to teach management at our school. I leant a good practice; you clap your hands before a person gives a speech. He will be stimulated. I think it works.

we start our meeting in the morning at 9

the building used to be a city hall. A nice, classic building.


It was very cold this morning. The mountains around our institute were covered by snow.

The mountains are covered by snow