Monthly Archives: 4月 2012

telenoid のお父さんと



still cycling

I am still cycling to our institute whenever it is not raining. I usually trace the water back to the source until it becomes impossible to go along with it.

I love flowers

The canal near our home runs back to Tsurugi

I brought up my bicycle from curiosity onto the hill






water and flower

I have gradually been finding my (favorite) ways to our institute. The shortest path is certainly most convenient, but pedaling all the way through the institute with cars rushing ahead just next to me is not really fun. The scenery is also boring. I often take another route taking another bridge to get across the river. Less cars are on the road and better they drive slower. Several roads run through in parallel, leaving me to exploit the area differently. I know I tend to loiter on the way especially when the wether is so nice, but cannot stop doing it. It is my nature.

I am attracted to water

flowers are also nice

I love them. They are so diverse here.

unlimited supply of water make weeds to flourish

Schoolchildren come out to the rice garden to watch something

I encountered a small statue of Bodhisattva

An old tree worshiped by the local

you have to get across the river anyway to reach the institute

sakura time (the season for cherry blossoms) has now ended. Hopefully it is getting warmer in the following weeks.


I went down along the river and canal to north on my bike. It was fun to come across a number of streets running through the river. The district showed me different faces as I used to see while driving.

It was warm

a bird looking around

the river reflecting the sunshine

The supper rapid train is under construction


yellow flowers