Daily Archives: 2012年4月15日

a bicyclist

I bought a bicycle with an intention to commute the institute on it. I was not sure how fit I was to pedal on that to go far, something as far as 13 km. (It is the distance between my home and the institute.) I slowly drove it to south. It was a bit uncomfortable that you had to avoid traffic and had to wait at signals, but soon I learnt to get on it. The ride was pleasant. Few walked on the path and I could easily go through the road. Sunshine was lovely. Gentle breeze was refreshing. It is nice that you can stop anywhere to take a picture. I drove 20km or so for one hour and half to the meeting point with my wife.

We headed south after I had stored it into the car. (It can be stored in the boot once the wheels were removed.) A small village was our destination and we walked streets appreciating cherry blossom.

It was a bit windy but was pleasant to ride on the bicycle

I went through the road without being bothered by others

I reached the first destination

The village was in festive mood (in Daisyo-ji)

The boat was floating with an oarsman singing a traditional folksong


We had a cup of tea and were served with a cute biscuit.