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jsai2012 (Annual-Conference-of-The-Japanese-Society-for-Artificial-Intelligence)

I have been to Yamaguchi this week to take part in JSAI2012, Annual Conference of The Japanese Society for Artificial-Intelligence. It was very far from home, say, it took almost seven hours to get to the hotel. I had no idea where the city was before I had been there. It was a small town with few cultural interests. I wanted to go back home the next day, but have gradually attuned myself to the environment. Its look and feel are after all very familiar with me, just a bit rustic than our prefecture. Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media was interesting.

The place is flat, surrounded by hills

Its edges are formed with forests

I spotted a similar one to ours in the canal

Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media provides kids with a place to exploit the space