Daily Archives: 2012年7月4日

my way back

Everything has been finished. I got back to Japan, but spend a few hours in London, mostly in the British Museum. I cannot miss it whenever I am in the city. I will never be bored with their exhibitions.

my mate was robbed by a pair of suspicious buys just outside the museum

We somehow spotted the station, but we were only informed of a website to report the crime

a model of temples around Olympos in ancient time

I usually skip vases, but found them interesting this time. the illustrations are of modern style

numerous vases stopped me from going, but I did not have time to go through all of them as I had to leave there soon

The city was already in Olympic mood

I ordered a plate of sea foods at the counter in the airport to conclude my visit to U.K. and was happily surprised by the cut lemon wrapped in a cloth. It is a beautiful and nice way to add a cut lemon to the plate.