Daily Archives: 2012年7月21日

Dance workshop

I’ve been to Osaka to take part in a workshop on dancing. The workshop was organized by one of my colleagues, Prof. Nishikawa, with a collaboration with a dancer, Mr. Jareo, with whom we have been working closely for the project of inter-generation communication with telenoid. The workshop started around 7pm and continued till 8:30pm. About 20 people joined the workshop. Mr. Jareo guided us to find his or her own movements through the workshop. It was amazing to see that Prof. Nishikawa sometimes intervened to the training and talked about what was happening there. It was very good collaboration.

We went out to a near-by pub later on and discussed the plan for this year. Yeah, we are working together now. There was an idea for us to go to Okinawa, the southern islands, this August, but I realized I did not have time to go with them. Sad. We had a nice (night) time over cups of sake, though.

Dr. Yamazaki came to see us and took part in the workshop. He seemed to fully enjoyed the workshop accompanied with a pair of nice mates.