Daily Archives: 2012年9月2日

Kaze no Bon

A friend of ours advised us not to miss Kaze no Bon festival, especially when we live near the place. Having lived in Kanazawa for more than the decade, we have never been to there. We thought it would not be bad idea to walk around the streets and drove there for an hour or so.

The village was overcrowded, but the festival was interesting. Dances and music, which were of my main interest, were found every corner. I could not judge whether they danced excellent because I had never seen them, but I liked the way they danced. Slow, elegant, and quiet. Music was played in the same manner. I had never seen the violin-like small vowed instrument played on the street. It sounded fine open-air. We wondered around the place to find people dancing. We had a nice time overall though the place was really overcrowded.

A performance in the corner

Some performances are only given in a small house

The Shinto shrine is used as a stage for the night

A parade going through one of the oldest parts in the village

The dance is certainly unique

The music accompanying dances attracted me as well