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concluding the meeting

We saw each other again in the morning. Reflections were useful in deepen the insight we got the previous day. Clive kindly took us to a small fisher’s village, where we walked a bit. He took me to Valletta after we saw off Shohei getting back home and, to my surprise, I met Richard there. I reported what we had discussed to him and he was pleased.

the concluding meeting was held in the room

Clive kindly took us to the sea

The sea was peaceful. I encourage him to write something on the philosophy of sea(!)

The nature made the form

The shore was musical

I dropped in Valletta and came across Richard

I was ended up with St. John’s and spent two hours there after all

Strolling the street

I like the sort of place

a view to the grate harbor

A cat hiding himself away into the umbrella

I got back to the hotel to appreciate the view to the capital

a Knowledge Science seminar

We hold a seminar with the staff at Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences, University of Malta. The theme was Knowledge Science. I initiated the discussion with my talk on the emerging science. Mine was followed by six presentations, each given by the head of department comprising the faculty. We had lengthy discussion on Knowledge Science. It was quite valuable as many of us drew some insights from there, I believe.

I woke up with the blight sunshine

Malta University is rapidly expanding. The construction work is everywhere.

A joint seminar on Knowledge Science. It was fruitful for both sides.

Reaching Malta, finally

I was again delayed at Frankfurt as it was foggy, but it was not so bad. It took off with slight delay, i.e., 30 minutes. It was bright in Malta. I am not exactly sure, but this may be my seventh visit to the island.

I could see John and Shohei upon arrival. John looked fine. He took us to the shore, to his favorite place, and we loved it, too. We sat on for a glass of Keniee in a cafe by the sea to see the sun sink into the water before we went out for dinner.

The sea, I liked

We stood still by the sea

John stopped me not to approach to the edge

The tower used to watch out the sea for the Turks

We saw off the sun with a glass of Kenie

stopped at Frankfurt airport

I was supposed to reach to Malta on the same day I departed Tokyo, but was trapped at Frankfurt airport. My plane could not take off for two hours on the runway due to heavy traffic and had to go back to the terminal to refuel it, which took time further. It was delayed by three hours and half. They put me into the hotel in front of the airport. It was not bad as I could sleep well.

I was put into a hotel near the airport


In the evening, I strolled out to the balcony to see the sun sinking. The air was cool.

a view from the balcony