Daily Archives: 2012年10月7日

I played a Boesendorfer imperial, but …

I came back in the afternoon from Okinawa islands to go straight to Nonoichi City Hall, Forte. I was allowed to play the piano in the hall, Boesendorfer imperial for an hour. I was curious to touch it because I had never played it. I played firstly the prelude in C major by JSB (from Book 1) to feel its character. I found it very tender and not suitable for loud music. I explored its potential to the louder side, trying to make it cry. I played Chopin’s Ballad No.4 and Rachmaninoff’s piano sonata No.1 (not complete due to the time constraint). I realized I had never played the kind of piano, so tender, sensitive, and sensual. The instrument is suitable to play older genres such as Beethoven, Schumann, etc.

Having viewed the video afterwards, I spotted so many problems in my performance. I should have at least put the (sheet) music aside. It has been increasingly getting difficult to remember music perfectly, but it can never be acceptable unless it is played perfectly. A simple principle, but I forgot it for long time. The posture is another matter. (oh, yeah, it’s terrible.) I hope I will be given another chance. They announced next one is scheduled on 14th January, 2013.

I make a part of my performance public as a record. Lots of things need to be improved until next time. But it is good to have many things to work on.

part of my performance (an excerpt from Rachmaninoff’s piano sonata No.1, second movement)