Daily Archives: 2012年10月20日

visiting the Tokyo satellite campus for a seminar

I went to Tokyo to attend a seminar with students. I was a bit tired just back from Osaka and was not particularly willing to take part in the seminar. I was however refreshed once I had eaten three pieces of fried shrimps for my lunch. Shrimps are popular in my hometown and are one of my favorite foods. I was saved by shrimps.

The seminar went well. We popped in to a Korean pub for a drink and light foods. They served very nice meals although I could not eat lots of them due to my condition. It was quite a while since I had seen these students, whose ages are almost the same as mine. I was mildly shocked to learn that one of them was forced to leave his job and another one might take an early retirement. Japanese companies, once mighty strong, are now facing problems, competing with companies overseas. I realized I had to think seriously _now_ how to live when I am retired.

The korean pub served nice foods with an acceptable drink for me. For our surprise, the waitress was from Myanmar.