Daily Archives: 2012年11月18日

on terminal care or death

It was fine in Nagoya, but was raining and cold in Kanazawa. I stopped over in Nagoya and woke up early next morning to get back to Kanazawa. There was a meeting on terminal care in Kanazawa University. Prof. Nishikawa and Dr. Yamazaki and some of other colleagues came to the city and took part in the discussion. (Prof. N also gave a talk in the final symposium.) I liked a talk given by a doctor who is handicapped. He talked about Pain and pointed out that everyone who feel pain can be united and it is also a matter of mind (roughly speaking). I was impressed with his thought and expertise as medical doctor.

A conference on terminal care, especially on death

The weather got worse as the train approached home, but a rainbow accompanied me along the train