Osamu Jareo+Theater Thikwa+Junkan Project/Kyoto Experiment 2012

I have been to Kyoto today to see a performance by Osamu and his colleagues. (There is an English version. too.) We have been working recently for exploring the power of dancing for dementia care and he called me to see their performance.

I had no prejudices as I had not viewed even the ad clips, one including the interviews to performers and the other depicting their stage in motion. Well, I immensely enjoyed being in the theatre. I had not thought much about dancing, but now I have an idea. Dancing is a way to organize the space evolving. It is not just a mater of moving the body, but a catch/release of energy from/to the space. To live is to … hm … to dance, move, or act. One of the roles assigned to our human beings is to enrich the space by acting. yeah.

The theatre was an old building formerly used as primary school

The approach to the theatre

While wondering around the theatre, I came across a school of lovely creatures.

I brought back two of them to home. Lovely guys.

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