concluding the meeting

We saw each other again in the morning. Reflections were useful in deepen the insight we got the previous day. Clive kindly took us to a small fisher’s village, where we walked a bit. He took me to Valletta after we saw off Shohei getting back home and, to my surprise, I met Richard there. I reported what we had discussed to him and he was pleased.

the concluding meeting was held in the room

Clive kindly took us to the sea

The sea was peaceful. I encourage him to write something on the philosophy of sea(!)

The nature made the form

The shore was musical

I dropped in Valletta and came across Richard

I was ended up with St. John’s and spent two hours there after all

Strolling the street

I like the sort of place

a view to the grate harbor

A cat hiding himself away into the umbrella

I got back to the hotel to appreciate the view to the capital

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