thank you to shizuo and yoshiki tsuji

My father in law was a medical doctor and took care of Mr. Shizuo Tsuji (辻 静夫), who established one of the best cooking schools in Japan. He was survived by his son, Mr. Yoshiki Tsuji (辻 芳樹). The son has kindly sent my father a bottle or two of wine every year for twenty years since his father passed out, which was produced of the grapes grown in his vineyard in France. We have long been amazed to witness his way of expressing gratitude to our father. This one will be the last one, though. My father passed out early this year and no bottle arrived. This bottle was the one arrived last year. Family members got together for this moment of year end and opened the bottle. We all remembered their friendship between our father and Mr. Shizuo Tsuji. It is now concluded. The wine tasted nice. We all drunk it together and had a nice time. I recalled people left us behind. Now the time turns into new year.

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