a Holophane pendant light

I drove out to sort out several things. The weather was changing rapidly. It is fine sometimes, rains, icy rains, windy, cloudy, etc., everything you can expect of bad weather.

I dropped in an antique shop on my way back to find a cute pendant light. The shopkeeper, who is also the owner, explained of the item. It came from U.S. about 100 years ago, bought by a rich, local merchant, who built his wealth through trade in Japan Sea. He had a mansion in Mikuni, a small town 70km way from our home, into which he installed the pendant light. I was fascinated by its arrangement; it is capped with a taft of strings so that it fits with a tatami room. I took it home.

The pendant light was made by Holophane, one of the oldest company selling lighting-related products. I could find some other lights similar to the one I’ve got today. The page containing the photo shows an amazing price. No, it does not cost you so much.

the direction to Hakusan mountain

the Holophane pendant lamp

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