Sunrise Donuts recommended

We spotted a donut shop. Sunrise Donuts sells tasty donuts made of soya beans. It is one of branches located in Nonoichi. The place is near canal. Highly recommended.

We dropped in a city library which was recently opened. The building looks interesting with lots of holes on its surface. These holes are windows, allowing the light to radiate in to the building. Its inside looked like a cheese. Not bad, interesting, but many schoolchildren studied there bringing his or her own textbook. I do not really like the custom that schoolchildren use library as study. But, I understand their needs.

After shopping, we visited a bookshop. There were not many interesting books unfortunately. The night falled as early as half past four PM. We bought some breads on our way back home. Peaceful day, it was.

Sunrise Donuts @ nonoichi is highly recommended

Sunrise donuts is near canal

A city library recently opened

Inside the library looks like a cheese

the bookshop is supposed to look like a bean

A junction captured with a fish-eye lens

one of my favorite bakeries

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