how is a performer related to the audience?

It was rainy and cloudy, but I explored the city bit. I cannot miss Vatican as devoted (?) Catholic. I could not see the Pope, but was happy to be there for a while. It was nice not many tourist are flocking the square as it is not a high-season now. There was no queue to the museum to my surprise.

We had a good discussion on the top of a hill, where an observatory is located. We talked about theatre-making and cognitive neuroscience. I am aware that the terminology, intention, action, etc. are problematic and we went through several points related to those concepts. There are something for which I have to write down by myself. I gave it a try last spring, but should try it again in English this time.

just a few people are in stanza di raffaelo

Vatican celebrating Christmas even at the exit

St. Pietro is special

the main street colored in the national colors

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