Evolutionary Technology: A REPAST-Based Causal Approach          
work in progress, read but don't quote
(copyright JAIST, Japan and Harvard University, USA)

A REPAST based simulation developed in cooperation with Laszlo Gulyas, Harvard (USA) and SZTAKI (Hungary).

The Project
Can you evolve an increasing number of species in a developing ecosystem so that they perform an increasing range of
different tasks? Current evolutionary simulations cannot do this (here is why). We try an alternative sugggestion.

The Theory
                                                                                                     The Model
George Kampis:     Towards an Evolutionary Technology.html                            Laszlo Gulyas and George Kampis:    EvoTech_II-v0.13.zip
                              A Causal Model of Evolution.html                                                            (outdated, by newer versions are not yet public)
                              Causal Depth and the Modal View of Causation
George Kampis - Laszlo Gulyas: "Causal Structures in Embodied Systems",
                             ERCIM News No. 53, April 2003.

email: g-kampis@jaist.ac.jp                                                                                                                  email: gulyas@fas.harvard.edu

The model is currently in phase vII.-1.0. (2003. July.27.) To test it, you need to install REPAST and JBuilder Personal (free version).

This is an artist's illustration :-))) (screen shot from an old version with many problems...)