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Related reserchers
Ikegami School Complex Systems
at Komaba, Univ. of Tokyo
Kaneko School Complex Systems
at Komaba, Univ. of Tokyo
Iba, Yukito Statistics (Bayes), Statistical Mechanics, Cognitive science
at Institute of Mathematical Statistics
Umeno, Ken Dynamical Systems, Computational Science
at Communications Research Laboratory, Japan
Goto, Kentaro Computation as dynamical systems, Semantics for dynamical systems at Tsuda's school in Hokkaido Univ.

Related Journals
Bussei Kenkyu The journal of condensed matter researches,
pabulished from Yukawa Institute, Kyoto Univ, (in Japanese)
Bussei Kenkyu,
special edition
For complex systems by young researches
edited by Dr. T. Yamamoto, Dr. A. Yamaguchi and me (in Japanese)

Related Research Programs
Phenomena and Computation :
How compatible?
The research group for computational foundation of understanding natural and artificial phenomena (in japanese)


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List of Mobile Gear Pages about Mobile Gear which is a NEC product (in Japanese)
List of ISP with Roaming Service Internet Service Provider serving roaming in overseas (in Japanese)

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