10th TRS meeting (NTT CS Laboratories, October 28-29, 1996)

Organized by Junnosuke Yamada, Ken Mano (NTT)

List of presentations.

  1. Takahito Aoto, Top-down labelling and modularity of term rewriting systems
  2. Fer-Jan de Vries, Tranfinite reduction revisited
  3. Aart Middeldorp, (1) Relative undecidability in Term Rewriting (joint work with A.Geser, E.Ohlebusch, and H.Zantema)
    (2) Call by Need Computations to Root-Stable Form (to appear in POPL97)
  4. Michio Oyamaguchi, A new parallel-closed condition for Church-Rosser property on left-linear TRSs
  5. Masahiko Sakai, Dummy Elimination in Equational Rewriting (RTA-96 paper by M.C.F.Ferreira)
  6. Mizuhito Ogawa, Sequentiality v.s. Strictness
  7. Takashi Nagaya, Index reduction of Overlapping Strongly Sequential Systems (joint work with M.Sakai and Y.Toyama)
  8. Eiichi Horita, Self-Interpretation in an Extension of CCS with Reduction System for Computing Values (joint work with K.Mano)
  9. Keiichiro Kusakari, CR proof for an example from Yoji Akama

List of participants.