15th TRS meeting (Hotel "Yufuin Haitsu", Yufuin, November 5-6, 1999)

Organized by Sachio Hirokawa (Kyushu Univ.), Ken-etsu Fujita (Kyushu Institute of Technology)

List of presentations.

    11/5 (Fri) 10:00-12:00
  1. M. Nakamura (JAIST), Dependency Pair for Context-Sensitive Rewriting
  2. K. Kusakari (JAIST), Argument Filtering Transformation and its Extension to AC-TRSs
  3. A. Middeldorp (U. Tsukuba), Eliminating Dummy Elimination
  4. H. Ohsaki (ETL), Fair Termination
    11/5 (Fri) 13:00-17:40
  5. K. Fujita (Kyushu Institute of Technology), Ground TRS, Simple Instances of 2nd-Order Unification, and Synchronization
  6. M. Sakai (Nagoya U.), Experiment on deciding NVNF-sequentiality of TRSs (joint work with Eiji Kamiya)
  7. T. Suzuki (JAIST), TBA
  8. Y. Toyama (JAIST), Normalizability of the E-Strategy
  9. K. Baba (Kyushu U.), Classical Catch/Throw Calculus with Tag Abstractions
  10. Y. Andou (Hosei U.), On a Reduction Proper to Full Classical Logic
  11. F-J. de Vries (ETL), A B\"ohm Theorem for Berarducci Trees
  12. R. Kennaway (U. East Anglia), Separability and Translatability of Sequential Term Rewrite Systems into the Lambda Calculus
  13. S. Hirokawa (Kyushu U.), Uniqueness of D-Normal Proofs in Type Assignments
    11/6 (Sat) 10:00-12:30
  14. T. Ida (U. Tsukuba), TBA
  15. M. Rodriguez-Artalejo (La Universidad Complutense de Madrid), The CRWL Framework for Functional Logic Programming
  16. T. Yamada (U. Tsukuba), Confluence of Orthogonal Higher-Order Rewrite Systems
  17. T. Matsumoto (JAIST), On Confluence Conditions of Left-Linear Term Rewriting Systems
  18. M. Oyamaguchi (Mie U.), On the Church-Rosser Property of Left-Linear TRS's

List of participants.