16th TRS meeting (Gunma Univewrsity, Kiryu, March 6-7, 2000)

Organized by Hirofumi Yokouchi, Takahito Aoto (Gunma University)

List of presentations.

    3/6 (Mon) 13:00-18:00
  1. Hitoshi Ohsaki (ETL), Equational Tree Automata
  2. Keiichirou Kusakari (JAIST), On Proving Termination of Higher-Order Term Rewriting Systems
  3. Thomas Arts (Computer Science Lab. Ericsson), Erlang Process Verification based on Dependency Pairs (with J.Giesl)
  4. Hirofumi Yokouchi (Gunma University), Type checking algorithms for refinement type systems
  5. Fer-Jan de Vries (ETL), Infinite lambda-calculus plus eta-rule, "some problems"
  6. Paula Severi (Universidad de la Republica Uruguay), Bohm Theorem for Berarducci Trees (with M.Dezani, Fer-Jan de Vries)
  7. Masahiko Sakai (Nagoya University), Experiment on deciding NVNF-sequentiality of TRSs
  8. Aart Middeldorp (University of Tsukuba), Call by Need Computations and Signature Extension
    3/7 (Tue) 9:30-12:00
  9. Yoshihito Toyama (JAIST), Confluent TRSs with extra variables (From discussion with T.Suzuki)
  10. Mizuhito Ogawa (NTT Communication Science Laboratories), Tree width and its applications
  11. Taro Suzuki, JAIST Lazy narrowing calculus and selection strategy
  12. Toshiyuki Yamada (University of Tsukuba), Termination of higher-order rewriting by interpretation
  13. Takahito Aoto (Gunma University), An approach to prove innermost termination of term rewriting systems

List of participants.