1st TRS meeting (Mie Univ., Dec.26, 1991)

Organized by Michio Oyamaguchi (Mie Univ.)

An (incomplete) list of presentations.

  1. Yoshihito Toyama, (1) Strong sequentiality of overlapping TRSs
    (2) The functional strategy and transitive term rewriting systems
  2. Mizuhito Ogawa, A walk around WQO and reverse Mathematics
  3. Shoji Yuen, Testing equivalence of communicating processes with value-passing based on term rewriting (joint work with T.Sakabe and Y.Inagaki)
  4. Tohru Naoi, Scott theoretic Kripke model for Intuitionistic Logic (joint work with M.Nakamura and Y.Inagaki)
  5. Discussions on UN of omega-nonoverlapping TRSs

An (incomplete) list of participants.