2nd TRS meeting (NTT CS Laboratories, Apr.2-3, 1992)

Organized by Yoshihito Toyama, Junnosuke Yamada (NTT)

List of presentations.

  1. Yoshihito Toyama, Short talks: (1) Chew's theorem and CTRS, (2) Overlapping elimination, (3) Term-rewriting systems with rule priorities (by J.C. Baeten, TCS 67, 1989).
  2. Shoji Yuen, (1) Testing equivalences for processes (by R. de Nicola and M.C.B.Hennessy, TCS34, 1984), (2) Testing equivalence of value-passing communicating processes with infinite structures.
  3. Tohru Naoi, (1) Term matching on parallel computers (by R.Ramesh, R.M.Verma, et.al, 14th ICALP, 1987), (2) Efficient implementation of parallel-outermost reductions.
  4. Takafumi Kinoshita, Automatic Synthesis of Microprograms Using E-Unification (joint work with T.Naoi and M.Imai).
  5. Kiyoshi Shirayanagi, (1) A rewrite approach to polynomial ideal theory (by A. Middeldorp and M. Starcevic), (2) Decision of Algebra Isomorphisms Using Gr&oum;bner Bases (MEGA-92).
  6. Michio Oyamaguchi, An E-nonoverlapping right-ground TRS is CR.
  7. Junnosuke Yamada, Term matching on parallel computers (14th ICALP paper by R.Ramesh, et.al.).
  8. Ken Mano, (1) Confluence by Decreasing Diagrams (by Vincent van Oostrom, Vrije Univ. TR264, 1991), (2) Fairness for Strongly Confluent Reduction System.
  9. Mizuhito Ogawa, Infinite normal forms for non-linear term rewriting systems (MFCS91 paper by P.Inverardi amd M.Nesi).

List of participants.