3rd TRS meeting (Makuhari, Aug.31-Sep.2, 1992)

Organized by Mizuhito Ogawa (NTT)

List of presentations.

    8/31 (Mon) p.m.: 13:30-(max.22:00)
  1. Junnosuke Yamada, (1) Higher-order critical pairs (LICS91 paper by T.Nipkow)
    (2) Orthogonal higher-order rewrite systems are confluent (by T.Nipkow)
  2. Ken Mano, Confluence by Decreasing Diagrams (by Vincent van Oostrom)
  3. Mizuhito Ogawa, Effective Transformations on Infinite Trees, with Applications to High Undecidability, Dominoes, and Fairness (by David Harel, JACM 1986)
  4. Shinichuro Yamamoto, An implementation of distributed term rewriting
    9/1 (Tue) a.m.: 9:30-12:00
  5. Youji Akama, Union of complete systems - On Mint's reducution for ccc-calculus
  6. Aart Middeldorp, (1) Linear Bounded Automata and Rewrite Systems: Influence of Initial Configuration on Decision Properties (CAAP'91 paper by A.C. Caron)
    (2) Decidability of Reachability and Disjoint Union of TRS's and Composition of CS's (by A.C. Caron and J.-L. Coquide, submitted to TCS)
    9/1 (Tue) p.m.: 13:30-(max.22:00)
  7. Masahito Kurihara, (1) Implementation of Completion with Multiple Reduction Orderings (by H.Kondo, M.Kurihara, and A. Ohuchi)
    (2) A Structural Analysis of Modular Termination of Term Rewriting Systems (by B.Gramlich)
  8. Masako Takahashi, On Confluence of extended λ-calculi with conditional rules
  9. Yoshihito Toyama, (1) Decidability Problems in Shallow Equational Theories (LICS92 paper by Comon,Jouannaud)
    (2) An Abstract Standardisation Theorem (LICS92 paper by Gonthier,Levy,Mellies)
    9/2 (Wed) a.m.: 9:30-12:00, p.m.: 13:30-15:00
  10. Free discussion

List of participants.