4th TRS meeting (Gifu University, Augest 24-25, 1993)

Organized by Tohru Naoi (Gifu University)

List of presentations.

  1. Yohji Akama, Higher-order unification via combinators (by D.J.Dougherety, TCS114, 1993)
  2. Sachio Hirokawa, The proofs of α→α in P-W
  3. Tetsuo Ida, On Strategies of Narrowing - Outside-In Conditional Narrowing -
  4. Masahito Kurihara, (1) An Algebraic Specification and an Object-Oriented Implementation of a Reflective Language (by M.Kurihara and A.Ohuchi)
    (2) Reflective Computation in Term Rewriting Systems (by M.Kurihara, T.Sato and A.Ohuchi)
  5. Ken Mano, (1) Implementing Term Rewriting by Graph Reduction: Termination of Combined Systems (by D.Plump, LNCS 516, pp307-317)
    (2) Decreasing CR property is equivalent to CR in countable ARS
  6. Aart Middeldorp, A sequential reduction strategy (colaborated with S.Antoy)
  7. Mizuhito Ogawa, Monadic second-order Logic, Ramsey theorem, and Program Synthesis Using Well-Quasi Orders
  8. Yoshihito Toyama, Optimal normalization in orthogonal TRSs (RTA-93 paper by Z.Khasidashvili, LNCS 690, pp.243-258)
  9. Patrick Viry, Rewriting Logic as a Logical and Semantic Framework (by Narciso Marti-Oliet and Jose Meseguer)
  10. Junnosuke Yamada, Conditional rewrite rules: confluence and termination (by J.A.Bergstra and J.W.Klop, JCSS 1986)
  11. Shinichiro Yamamoto, An implementation of TRS on a shared memory multi-processor machine
  12. Michio Oyamaguchi, Several results on UN of nonlinear TRSs
  13. Tohru Naoi, Non-Standard Recursion Theory

List of participants.