Organized by Masahito Kurihara (Hokkaido University)

6th TRS meeting (Hokkaido University, July 28-29, 1994)

List of presentations.

  1. Aart Middeldorp, Semantic Labelling (by Hans Zantema, to appear in Fundamenta Informaticae)
  2. Fer-Jan de Vries, (1) A tentative outline of the infinite lambda calculus
    (2) Currying preserves strong normalisation
  3. Vincent van Oostrom, On the (very simple) proof of modularity of completeness for left-linear TRSs (by Massimo Marchiori)
  4. Mizuhito Ogawa, Well-quasiordering finite trees with gap-condition. Proof of Harvey Friedman's conjecture (by Igor Kriz, Annals of Math. 130, 1989)
  5. Michio Oyamaguchi, On the Church-Rosser property of E-overlapping and nonterminating TRS's
  6. Junnosuke Yamada, Some Remarks on the Termination of MCTRSs and OSRSs - Termination of Order-sorted Rewriting (by I.Graedig, LNCS632)-
  7. Ken Mano, Chew's theorem revisited^2 (collaboration with M.Ogawa)
  8. Tetsuo Ida, Another view of standard reduction
  9. Masahito Kurihara, Termination by Completion (by F.Bellegarde and P.Lescanne)

List of participants.