7th TRS meeting (JAIST, Jan.23-25, 1995)

Organized by Yoshihito Toyama (JAIST)

List of presentations.

  1. Fer-Jan de Vries, Bohm models for infinite eager and lazy lambda-calculus
  2. Shoji Yuen, Fully Abstract Characterizations of Testing Preorders for Probabilistic Processes (joint work with Z.Dayar, R.Cleaveland, and S.A.Smolka, presented at CONCUR'94)
  3. Aart Middeldorp, (1) Dummy elimination by self-labelling
    (2) Level-Confluence of Conditional Rewrite Systems with Extra Variables in Right-Hand Sides (RTA-95 paper collaborated with T.Suzuki and T.Ida)
  4. Patrick Viry, Oriented Rewriting Logic
  5. Masako Takahashi, (1) Decidable properties of intersection type systems (by Toshihiko Kurata and Masako Takahashi)
    (2) Relation between combinatory reduction systems and conditional lambda calculi
  6. Vincent van Oostrom, Developing Developments
  7. Michio Oyamaguchi, A Result on the CR Property of Nonlinear and Nonterminating TRS's
  8. Mizuhito Ogawa, Simple-gap termination
  9. Masahiko Sakai, Term set rewriting systems (joint work with H.Kasuya)
  10. Tohru Naoi, On a Non-Standard Recursion Theory -- Primitive Recursion + /infty vs. Quasi-Primitive Recursion + /infty
  11. Junnosuke Yamada, Real Arithmetic by Rewriting
  12. Ken Mano, to be announced
  13. Yoshihito Toyama, A finite Thue system with decidable word problem and without equivalent finite canonical system (by D.Kapur and P.Narendran, TCS35)
  14. Akira Kitahara, On the modularity of confluent term rewriting systems with shared constructors (joint work with M.sakai and Y.Toyama)

List of participants.