8th TRS meeting (Mie University, Nov.1-2, 1995)

Organized by Michio Oyamaguchi (Mie University)

List of presentations.

    Wednesday, November 1, 14:00 - 18:00
  1. Tohru Naoi, On a non-standard recursion theory
  2. Masahiko Sakai, Strong Sequentiality of Priority Term Rewriting Systems (joint work with Y.Toyama)
  3. Aart Middeldorp, Call by Need Revisited
  4. Tetsuo Ida, Higher-Order Unification
    Thursday, November 2, 9:30 - 12:30
  5. Ken Mano, Unique normal form property of Higher Order Rewriting Systems (joint work with M.Ogawa)
  6. Fer-Jan de Vries, Undefined terms, revisited (canceled)
  7. Yoshihito Toyama, On parallel critical pairs
  8. Taro Suzuki, Completeness Proof of Conditional Narrowing Revisited
    Wednesday, November 2, 13:30 - 18:30
  9. Mizuhito Ogawa, Graph Minors IV. Tree-width and Well-Quasi-ordering (by N.Robertson and P.D.Seymour JCTB 1990)
  10. H.Gomi, Some Results on the CR Property of Non-E-overlapping and Extended Depth-Preserving TRS's (joint work with M.Oyamaguchi and Y.Ohta)
  11. Shoji Yuen, Timed Automata Theory: Survey
  12. Hitoshi Ohsaki, Equational Term Rewriting to Prove Termination of Term Rewriting Systems -preliminary results-
  13. Michio Oyamaguchi, A New Parallel Closed Condition for Church-Rosser of Left-Linear TRS's

List of participants.