9th TRS meeting (Hitachi Advanced Research Laboratories, Hatoyama, Mar.18-19, 1996)

Organized by Fer-Jan de Vries (HARL)

List of presentations.

    Monday, Mar.18 13:00-18:30
  1. Takahito Aoto, Persistency of Confluence
  2. Hitoshi Ohsaki, Termination Modulo Equivalence: Type Elimination and Decidability
  3. Yoshihito Toyama, On AC-termination: an introduction to "A precedence-based total AC-compatible ordering" (RTA93 paper by A. Rubio and R. Nieuwenhuis)
  4. Ken Mano, Nepi: a Network Programming Language Based on the Pi-calculus
  5. Aart Middeldorp, Call by Need Revisited (part 2)
    Tuesday, 9.30-15.00
  6. Fer-Jan de Vries, On meaningless terms in rewriting
  7. Toshiyuki Yamada, On the Logical Strength of Conditional Rewrite Systems
  8. Taro Suzuki, A simpler proof of standardization theorem
  9. Mizuhito Ogawa, (1) Well-foundedness of Term Ordering (CTRS94 paper by M.C.F.Ferreira and H.Zantema, LNCS968)
    (2) On weak and strong normalization (by Hongwei Xi)
  10. Hiroshi Gomi, On the Church-Rosser Property of depth-preserving TRS

List of participants.