Last Updated: March 22, 2001

The 18th Term Rewriting Meeting
Call for Participation and Registration

The TRS meetings are biannual informal workshops aiming to promote research on rewriting and related areas (e.g. term rewriting, lambda calculi, ...). Participants are required to give a talk(s) of approximately 15 - 60 minutes in English. The subject of the talk is not restricted to one's own research; it's perfectly OK to explain another paper in the field of rewriting. (See for more info.)

The 18th TRS meeting will be held at Sakunami as follows.
March 15(Thursday) and 16(Friday),
Hotel Green Green
5-12 Futatsu-Bashi, Sakunami, Sendai 989-3431, Japan
Tel: 022-395-2011
FAX: 022-395-2972
Taro Suzuki ( )
Research Institute of Electrical Communication
Tohoku University
2-1-1 Katahira, Sendai 980-8577, Japan
Tel: 022-217-5450
FAX: 022-217-5452
The meeting starts at 10:00 on March 15 and finish the evening of March 16. (Closing time depends on the number of talks). We plan to have a party on the evening of March 15.

To register for the workshop, please fill out the registration form attached below by February 25 (Sunday).

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Access from Sendai Station

Sakunami is located in the west part of Sendai City. From Sendai station to Hotel Green Green you can choose the following two ways:
  1. Sendai station <---[shuttle bus / about 60 min]---> Hotel Green Green

    Shuttle bus time table is here.The bus departs from Sendai station in front of West Exit with number 13. Note that there is no sign of the bus stop. But if you wait around the exit you'll see a bus with "green green" on its side just before departure time.

    The West Exit 13 is on the first floor (Sorry, it's American style of counting floors ;-) ). After you pass through a ticket gate of Shinkansen, please go down stairs and you reach the second floor. On the right, you'll find escalators. (if you pass through South Exit of Shinkansen, you'll find them after 10 meters' walk to the right.) Please go down to the first floor there, then you'll be at the West Exit 13. If you go out a wrong exit, you should find the taxi terminal. The shuttle bus stops on the right of it.

    Around The West Exit 13

  2. Sendai sta. ---[Senzan line / 30 min]---> Sakunami sta.
    ---[Sendai City bus / 5 min]---> Onsen Iriguchi
    ---[walk / 1 min]---> Hotel Green Green

    Time tables are here. To transfer to Senzan Line at Sendai station, please go down stairs leading Central Exit when you get off a Shinkansen. Then follow the sign saying "Local line entrance". Please turn left after you pass through a ticket gate of Shinkansen. Senzan Line departs from the platforms 6 and 7.

    The last bus leaves Sakunami station at 19:32. If you miss the last bus leaving Sakunami station, please call the hotel (phone: 022-217-5450). You can ask the hotel to pick you up at Sakunami station.
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Hotel Reservation

We will book Hotel Green Green for the participants, where the TRS meeting will be held. Since the meeting starts in the morning, it's convenient for most of participants to stay from March 14. A hotel bill per one night costs about 6,800yen (tax not included), which includes breakfast and dinner. Charges for renting a seminar room and drink for party are necessary separately.
If you don't need dinner on March 14, please tell us by the following reply-form.

If you prefer a different type of hotel or inn, please make reservation by yourself. Since Sakunami is famous for hot springs, there are some Japanese style inns.(For more information about the following inns,please click here.)

namephonehotel bill (breakfast and dinner included)
Sakunami Hotel
022-395-2131 13,400-25,500
8,100-14,800 (without meal)
Yunohara Hotel
Yosenkaku Iwamatsu
Ryokan Iwaizumi

As for the other hotels and Japanese style inns, please consult with Sakunami Onsen hotel reservation center (²ͽ󥻥󥿡) (phone 022-226-5444).

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Reply-Form of 18th TRS Meeting

To register for the workshop, please fill out the registration form attached below by February 25 (Sunday). If you stay at Hotel Green Green, please check (A) and write your arrival day for check-in and departure day for check-out. If you make reservation by yourself, please check (B).

I intend to participate the 18th TRS meeting.


*Title of talk:
*Approximate duration of talk: xx minutes

Hotel Reservation:
(A) at Hotel Green Green from March xx (check-in) to xx (check-out)
(I /need/don't need/ dinner on March 14.)
(B) I'll book myself.

The two items with * marks can be sent later.

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