21st TRS meeting

Noto Omakidai - Noto Peninsula
October 21 - 23, 2002

When and Where:
The meeting will take place in Noto Omakidai National Lodging House [local - English; local - Japanese; tourist - Japanese], Nakajima, Noto Peninsula, Ishikawa. It will run from October 21 - 23; presumably from pm on the first day to am on the last day to allow for travelling on those days.
Travel Information:
The nearest station is Nishigishi station (Noto Rialway). The distance from the station to Noto Omakidai is about 15 minutes by foot. Apart from walking, there seems to be no other options as it stands but we may see to it that there will be. (General train information.)
Please inform us of your intention to participate no later than August 31. Please state if you are interested in accommodation and what you will be talking on and for how long. You can, e.g., use this form.
Accommodation and Participation Fee:
We have reserved a number of very reasonably priced rooms at the lodging house and are in the process of planning the workshop dinner. We are expecting to be able to keep the participation fee below that of the 20th TRS Meeting, partly due to financial help from there. More information to follow in due time.
Background Information:
The TRS meeting is a semiannual, informal workshop aiming to promote research on rewriting and related areas. Participants are required to give a talk in English about recent research. It's perfectly acceptable to explain a paper written by someone else. Please refer to this URL for further information.


  • Keiichirou Kusakari, RIEC, Tohoku Univ.,
    On Proving Termination of HRS w.r.t. Call-By-Value Reduction
  • Toshiyuki Yamada, Mie University,
    Proving Termination of Simply Typed Term Rewriting Systems Automatically
  • Naoki Nishida, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University,
    Narrowing-based reduction of term rewriting systems with extra variables
  • Aart Middeldorp, University of Tsukuba,
    New Completeness Results for Lazy Conditional Narrowing


  • Ichiro Mitsuhashi, Mie University,
    On the Unification Problem for Confluent Strongly Monadic TRSs
  • Nao hirokawa, University of Tsukuba,
    Tsukuba Termination Tool
  • Mizuhito Ogawa, JST,
    Efficient algebraic sturctures for graphs
  • Masahiko Sakai, Nagoya University,
    On Descendants of Higher-Order Rewrite Systems (joint work with Hideto Kasuya)


  • Masaki Nakamura, JAIST,
    Verification by Term Rewriting with the Equality Predicates "==" and "=/="
  • Shoji Yuen, Nagoya University,
    Towards WEB service modelling in mobile process calculi
  • Toshitaka Tsurukawa, RIEC, Tohoku Univ.,
    Higher-Order Program Transformation based on Pattern Matching
  • Yoshihiro Itoh, RIEC, Tohoku Univ.,
    On Termination of Program Fusion based on Completion Procedure


  • Free Discussion


  • Party



  • Till Plewe, University of Tsukuba,
    Rewrite games (paper by J.Waldmann)
  • Rene Vestergaard, JAIST,
    Decidability and alpha-Equivalence
  • Yoshihito Toyama, RIEC, Tohoku Univ.,
    On Safe Fusion of Term Rewriting Systems
  • Michio Oyamaguchi, Mie University,
    On the Church-Rosser Property of Term Rewriting Systems
René Vestergaard, JAIST.

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