28th TRS meeting at Ikeda

Monday February 26 - Wednesday February 28, 2007
Ikeda, AIST Kansai (産総研関西センター池田)

The TRS Meeting is an informal bi-annual workshop aiming to promote the research on rewriting and related areas. Basically, each participant is required to give a talk of around 0.5 hour (or more duration). The subjects of the talks are not restricted to one's own active research; it is acceptable if speakers explain paper(s) of interest but written by someone else. (See Rewriting Researchers Forum for further information.)


Ikeda site, AIST Kansai (産総研関西センター池田) in Ikeda (Osaka) (大阪府池田市)

The most convenient station is Hankyu Ikeda; it takes 15min from the station to AIST Kansai by foot (see the access map).


We prepare a hotel accommodation at Masumi-sou (マスミ荘) which is 5 minutes walk from Ikeda station. An official banquet will be held at this hotel on Tuesday.

Schedule (tentative)


Ones who have interests in hearing particular talks will be welcome even if they are not registered in time.

Program (Tentative)

Feb. 26 (Mon)

Feb. 27 (Tue)

Feb. 28 (Wed)


Please drop a line to Toshinori Takai (t-takai@aist.go.jp) before January 31st if you are considering to attend. Title of talk(s) can be left blank at the moment.

                Registration Form of 28th TRS meeting


* title of talk:
* approximate duration of talk (in minutes):

hotel reservation:

  (A) Hotel Masumi-sou (at Ikeda, per night about 7,500JPY,
      including breakfast) 
        February  26:  yes/no
        February  27:  yes/no
        request (if any, e.g., room mate):

  (B) I will book accommodation myself.


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