32nd TRS Meeting
September 24(Thu)-26(Sat), 2009
Sendai, Miyagi

About TRS Meeting

Term Rewriting Meeting (TRS Meeting) is a biannual informal workshop that aims at promoting the research on rewriting and related areas. Participants are requested to give a talk(s) of approximately 15 - 60 minutes in English on their research activities. The subject of the talk may not be one's original result; for example, explaining an interesting paper is perfectly OK. (See Rewriting Researchers Forum for further information.)


Date: September 24(Thu)-26(Sat), 2009
Venue: RIEC, Tohoku University
Room 410, 4F of RIEC building #2 (Access Map)


September 24 (Thu)
 14:00 - 17:00  meeting
Automated Confluence Proving by Decreasing Diagrams
Takahito Aoto (Tohoku University)
Decreasing Diagrams and Relative Termination
Nao Hirokawa (JAIST)
Strong Convergence of Term Rewriting Systems Based on Combinators
Munehiro Iwami (Shimane University)
 18:30 -  banquet
September 25 (Fri)
 9:00 - 17:00  meeting
On Automating Theorem Proving for Constrained Equations
Naoki Nishida (Nagoya University)
Improving Efficiency of SAT Solvers by Introducing Elementary Symmetric Functions
Masahiko Sakai (Nagoya University)
AC-Properties Checked by Term Partitioning
Dominik Klein (JAIST)
Context-Sensitive Innermost Reduction of Linear Right-Shallow Term Rewriting Systems Effectively Preserves Regularity
Yoshiharu Kojima (Nagoya University)
Improving Efficiency of mkbtt: Multi-Completion with Termination Tools
Haruhiko Sato (Hokkaido University)
Improving Efficiency of the Multi-Completion Procedure by Introducing Critical Pair Elimination Technique
Junichi Michimata (Tohoku University)
Normalization by Evaluation for Untyped Lambda Calculus in Scheme
Yoshihito Toyama (Tohoku University)
September 26 (Sat)
 9:00 - 12:00  meeting
Promotion Transformation Based on Rewriting Technique
Yuki Chiba (JAIST)
Some Attempts to Make Proofs of Narrowing Easier
Taro Suzuki (The University of Aizu)


All participants are kindly requested to book their own accommodation.


Please send the registration form below to Takahito Aoto (aoto) no later than August 31.

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