KOTETU: The Prefetching Proxy Server

KOTETU is a prefetching proxy server for World-Wide Web. The program prefetchs pages which were linked from browser retreived page. It makes improvment of response and retrieval time of browser side.

This project is derived from WWW Collector which is the first prefetching proxy server in the world.



And it is known as:



Current version is developed upon Linux 2.2.x and 2.4.x (RedHat 6.2 and 7.1). You can run the program by easy installation upon these plathome. However, early versions were developed under IRIX 6.3 and FreeBSD. You may can run such platforms.







The target of this program is work-group and/or department caching server up to 100Mbps bandwidth. Using entry server class PC, the program passes 300 replys per second workload by polygraph with polymix-4. You will get more higher performance when you use more a powerful machine or an array of them.

The bottole neck of this program is disk access. We suggest you using of faster disk sub system. Many disks, RAID card and fast filesystem makes it. For bursty traffic, memory upgrage is useful, also.

Prefetching will increase your external network bandwidth. Thought our operations during many years, a prefeching of 10 linked pages brings over 50% hit-ratio and 200% bandwidth. You can tune these parameters. You can disable prefetching feature, if you don't need.


Please send e-mail to < k-chinen @ is.naist.jp > . When you send bug reports, please describe package name (version) and platform.


Ken-ichi Chinen
Designe and implementation all of package


Mikio Nagahara
Debug several procedures
Eiji Kawai, Yusuke Fujita
Debug several procedures and testing
Kadohi Ohsuga
Implements DHR routines (KOTETU varient)
Atsushi Mino, Ichiro Nishiuma

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Kotetu - One of famous series of KATANA (Japanese sward) or manufactures of them. Kotetu is known also as belonging of Isami Kondo, which was one of leader of SINSEN GUMI. It is like a relationship between Excalibur and King Arthur.

last update: 2001 Nov 21
URL: http://infonet.naist.jp/products/kotetu/