What is murubushi ?

murubushi is a StarBED like network testbed. Such testbeds are called mini StarBED or baby StarBED. murubushi is one of them. The speciality of murubushi is a high compatibility of StarBED. murubushi aims a trainning of StarBED users in JAIST and its related organizations.


Exepriment Equipments
rack A and B
Development Equipments
rack C
  • 20 experiment PCs
  • 2 management PCs
  • 4 switches (1G)
  • 1 KVM
  • 6 PCs
  • 4 switches (1G+10G)

How to use murubushi ?

If you are a member of JAIST and related organizations, you can use these resources of this facility. However, it requires the some booking procedures because resource are limited. In addition, we put a high priorty to computer network class of IS.

Please contact "murubushi" dash "request" at "jaist.ac.jp" . Operator(s) of that will reply that your reservation is success or not.