Brief Description

Various creatures coexist on earth. Individual creatures make their own living activities according with their environments. Human beings had accorded with the earth environments until the Industrial Revolution, as other beings did. Since the revolution, the human beings have found the methods to control their environments as they liked. One day, the environment control ran wild to break the earth environments, and now they destroy their own environments for their lives.

Global warming, extraordinal living systems, ozone hole, desertification,extreme event, endocrine disrupters, salt damage, red tide, photochemicals mog. etc. have been getting serious year by year. These problems are exterminating weak creatures, and in future may be going to exterminate all the creatures on the earth, containing ourselves. In the last period of 20th century,scientists stood up and took action to solve the problems. However, the environmental problems were much more serious than predicted. Extremely high and thick walls interfered with their actions. Nevertheless we Kaneko Lab. members develop the biomass-derived materials for the protection of the earth environment by racking their brains. We are now developing novel organic ecomaterials having electronical, photonic, and structural functions.




Article of itaconic acid-based polyamide has been accepted to publish in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research.


Studies of sacran  have been accepted to publish in "The Journal of General and Applied Microbiology" and "Journal of Colloid and Interface Science".


Article of bio-based poly(benzoxazole/benzimidazole) with ultra-low dielectric constanthas been accepted to publish in Polymer Degradation and Stability.


Study of  damage formation in planar fibrous networks has been accepted to publish in Scientific Reports.


Study of mussel-inspired biopolyester adhesive has been accepted to publish in Polymer.