44th TRS meeting

Place and date

Place   Shiinoki Geihin-kan Seminar room A
Date    February 22nd (Mon) - 23rd (Tue), 2016

Schedule (Speakers and talks)

Participants (non-speakers)

Banquet: Feb.22 (Mon) 18:30

Place: BISTRO 紙屋市べゑ (Probably, around 5000JPY per person)
We will confirm the number of participants of the banquet on Feb.22 (Mon)

Recommendation for Sunday (Feb.21) Dinner

Around JR Kanazawa station: 黒百合 (Kuroyuri, in the station building)
Around Katamachi: 源左エ門 (Genzaemon), If not available, 五郎八 (Gorohachi)

Note: We will have Intelligence & Robotics Workshop on Feb 24-25(at the same place). You are welcome to attend.