Machine Learning and Language Understanding Lab

Graduate School of Information Science
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST)



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Faculty Member:

 Associate Prof. Nguyen Minh Le


 Lectures: Logic Inference and Knowledge Representation (i236), Natural Language Processing (i223)



 M2. Yoshioka Kohei

  Research theme:  Machine Translation

 M2. Ichino Takuro

  Research theme:  Opinion Mining

 D2.  Le Thi Ngoc Tho (Co-supervisor with Professor Akira Shimazu)

Research theme:  Legal Engineering


 Students at UET (Vietnam National University, Hanoi)

Tran Mai Vu (with A. Prof. Ha Quang Thuy)

Tran Hong Viet (with Dr. Nguyen Van Vinh)

Nguyen Thi Xuan Huong (with A.Prof. Le Anh Cuong)

Pham Dung Hong (with A. Prof. Le Anh Cuong)



 Internship students

1.    Quan Tran

2.    Do Duc Kien

3.    Nguyen Dinh Nien

4.    Nguyen Khanh Thinh


 Co-supervisors (with Prof. Shimazu)

   Pham Quang Nhat Minh (Ph.D 2014)

   Ngo Xuan Bach (Ph.D 2014)

   Tran Thi Oanh (Ph.D 2014)

   Bui Thanh Hung (Ph.D 2013)

   John Quest (Ph.D 2013)

   Nguyen Viet Cuong (Ph.D 2011)


 Research Interests

Machine Learning

Statistical Learning Models, Deep Learning, structured prediction, Representation Learning, Language and Its connection with Logic Reasoning


Language Understanding

     Semantic Parsing,  Word Sense Disambiguation, Machine Reading, Textual Entailment Recognition


Learning for NLP and Text Mining

Text Summarization:  Sentence compression, Multiple documents summarization, multilingual summarization, cross lingual summarization

      Machine Translation:      Example based machine translation,  Statistical based machine translation

      Question and Answering:  Learning to rank for QA, Community based QA, Question and Answering for specific domain.

Mining Text and Web:  Sentiment Classification, Opinion Mining


 Legal Engineering

   Natural language processing for legal documents


 Grammatical Analysis of Music





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