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Kotaro Nakamura is Part-time Lecturer (in knowledge science of Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) and Visiting Professor (2009-2012). I took the second degree of Knowledge Science in Sep. 2009.


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l   Prof. Kameoka passed away on 18 July 2007.

Since I joined in JAIST-MOT course on Oct. 2004, Prof. Kameoka has been performing academic activities including five times going abroad with me in US. , Germany and Turkey. But we missed Kameoka sensei suddenly. I am not still able to believe that, because he was working to attain great works before that. I shall keep in my mind an everlasting memory.

The following PDF link is sent by Prof. Hugo Tschirky of Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich for his funeral

In memory of Prof. Kameoka by ETH Tschirky-sensei


And the following online album is for memory of Prof. Kameoka in his academic activities since Nov. 2004, mainly taken by me, including IBM Almaden / Palisade, Service Science Class@JAIST, PICMET2005@Portland, 2006@Istanbul, NWU/Kellogg School, SSIP symposium, GATIC@Kyoto and Interview time@JAIST. 

Photo Albumn of Prof. Kameoka  


l   Personal Information

²  Name:  Kotaro Nakamura

²  Position:  Founder & COE at eCraft INC.

²  Degree:  Dr. of Engineering (1991), Ph.D (Knowledge Science)(2009)


l   Research Interest

Service Science, especially service value creative modeling based on knowledge science through service road-mapping methodology and Japanese traditional style service value (co-)creation for developing sustainable service for aging society.

Knowledge Management, 3D simulation, Applied artificial intelligence



²  Founder & COE at eCraft INC. (Minato-ku(city), Tokyo, Japan, 108-0073

²  Co-founder of Service Research & Innovation Institute, Japan Chapter office. (SRII Japan)

²  Director of Service Business group of Engineering Advancement Association of Japan(ENAA)

²  Part-time Lecturer of Knowledge Science, Japan Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (JAIST)


l   PAST

²  Co-founder of Service Science Innovation LLP. (SSIP Japan)

²  Chef Scientist of Tokyo Automatic Machinery Works Ltd

²  Managing Director of System Integration Service and Board Member of JT Engineering INC.

²  Head Researcher & Team Leader of Japan Tobacco INC. (J.T.)



²  Japan Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (JAIST)

²  Tokyo Institute of Technology

²  University of Kanazawa



²  Service Research, Service Roadmapping

²  Applied Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Management



²  Founder & COE at eCraft INC.

Care-giving information web service and development of service course material

2006-2011 (5 years)

²  Visiting Professor

Service value creative modeling, management of service (MOS) course, Knowledge Science, JAIST (mainly for lecture of service value creative modeling in JAIST Tokyo satellite campus)

2009-2012 (2 years & half)

²  Co-founder

Service Science Innovation LLP. (SSIP Japan) together with late Prof. Kameoka of JAIST for METI research activities, NEDO research activities, GATIC consortium

(METI: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, NEDO: New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, GATIC: Global Advanced Technology Innovation Consortium)

2006-2009(4 years), SSIP was finished in 2009.

²  Director of Service Business Planning Group

Service business research with 20 engineering companies member, Engineering Advancement Association of Japan (ENAA)

2003-2006(4 years), 2012-

²  Research Fellow & Project Sub director

Designing & manufacturing simulation, knowledge management and development of packing machine for export, Tokyo Automatic Machinery Works Ltd. strategically delegated from JT

2000-2005(6 years)

²  Managing Director & Board Member

System Integration service division at JT Engineering INC.

1996-1999(4 years)

²  Head Researcher & Team Leader

Research of artificial intelligence technology and development of knowledge system for manufacturing, Japan Tobacco INC. (J.T.)

1990-1996(7 years)


l   EDUCATION (detailed)

²  Japan Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (JAIST)

Ph. D.    2009      Knowledge Science (focused for Service Science),

M.S.      2006      Technology Management, Tokyo MOT course

²  Tokyo Institute of Technology

Ph.D.     1991      System Science (focused for Artificial Intelligence)

M.S.      1976     Electrical Engineering (applied material physics)

²  University of Kanazawa

Bachelor 1974    Electrical Engineering, University of Kanazawa


l   Recent Research Activities

I joined JT group as researcher, later director of system integration service and board member of JT Engineering INC.

As research director at the Engineering Advancement Association of Japan I led the workgroups for knowledge-intensive and RF-identification-based services.

Together with Prof. A. Kameoka and others he registered a Limited Liability Partnership in 2006 and promoted the monograph "Services Sciences" (NTS Publishing, 2007 in Japanese).

Now, I am aiming to establish methodologies for producing future fine Service values by Knowledge Science oriented way integrating the humanities and science, based on the experiences of both R & D and Business field.

Currently His newest research interest is "service anthropology" for future fine service.

He holds a PhD in system science (AI) 1991 from Tokyo Institute of Technology.



Nakamura, K. (2010). Chap. 6 Service Value Transition in Service Innovation, Kosaka, M. and Sumi, T. Eds. An Approach towards Servitization theory of Industry, Shakai-Hyoron-sha, pp185-228 [in Japanese].

Nakamura, K. (2007). Chap. 2 What is service?, Sec. 3.1 What is Service Science, Sec. 4.1 Servitization of Engineering Business Field (Co-writing), Sec. 5.2 Case Study of the i-mode, in Kameoka, A., Ed. Service Sciences towards the innovation management for new age, NTS Publishing, pp.15-32, pp.33-36, pp.58-88, pp.165-166 [in Japanese].

Nakamura, K. (2005). Sec. 2.3. Creative method for Knowledge-typed Service, Nonaka, I. and Kurose, K., Eds. Knowledge Intensive Field Innovation in Fujitsu, Diamond Publishing, pp.66-72, pp.187-194 [in Japanese].


<Recent Doctoral Thesis>

Nakamura, K., 2009, Three-Dimensional Service Value Creation Model Based on Multidisciplinary Framework, in Knowledge Science of Japanese Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST). Abstract


<Recent Research Paper>

Nakamura, K. and Kameoka, A. : Service Business Planning Towards Shared Service Roadmapping An Application to RF-ID Using Service in the research Activities Of a Japanese Industrial Association, International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management (IJITM), Vol. 4, Issue 4, pp. 511 - 535, Special Issue: Strategic Management of Technological Innovation, World Science Publishing Company, December (2007).



<Recent International Conference>  http://www.picmet.org/main/

Nakamura Kotaro and M. Gotoh(2011): Japanese-style Value Co-creation Conception Applied to Service Business Cases, 20th Annual Conference Frontiers in Service, Columbus, US.

Nakamura, K., Imahori, T. and Ikawa, Y. 2010, Three-Dimensional Service Value Creation Model Based on Multidisciplinary Framework, [PICMET2010], Phuket, Thailand.

Nakamura, K., Gotoh, M. and Ikawa, Y. 2010, Service Value Creation Model Based on Multidisciplinary Framework Applied to High-level Accommodation Services, [ICSSSM2010], Tokyo, Japan., 371-376.

Nakamura, K., and Ikawa, Y. 2009, Multidisciplinary Framework-Based Service Modeling Applied to Service Coursework and Business Planner Interaction, [PICMET2009], Portland, U.S., 2947-2955.

Nakamura, K. and Gotoh, M. 2009. Service Value Shift based on Cultural background of Hospitality Applied to the Japanese Motenashi service, [ PICMET2009], Portland, US., August, 2956-2963.

Nakamura, K., Tschirky, H., Ikawa, Y. : Dynamic Service Framework Approach to Sustainable Service Value Shift Applied to Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony, PICMET2008 (in Cape Town), July 27-31 (2008) 

Nakamura, K., Fujiwara, T., Kamada, N. and Kameoka, A. : A Service Concept Framework Based on the Maslow's Needs Hierarchy and its Application to Typical Types of Service Service value driven service roadmapping taking into account the dynamic service domain shift , Proceedings of PICMET2007 (in Portland), Aug. 6-9 (2007)

Nakamura, K., Kameoka, A., Fujiwara, T., and Kamada K.: Service Business Enhancement Achieved by a Team of Engineers through a Service Science Framework Research Activities in Japanese Industrial Organizations for the Techno & Service Producer, Proceedings of PICMET2006 (in Istanbul),July 8-13 (2006)

Nakamura, K., Aoki, T., Hosoya, M., Fukuzawa, Y., Kameoka, A.: A Roadmapping Practice for Enhancing the Japanese Engineering Service towards Advanced IT Network Age, Proceedings of IAMOT2006 (in Beijing), March 22-26 (2006)

Nakamura, K., Sato Sh., and Sato Se.: 3-D Motional Simulation for Software Verification to Control Packaging Machine and its Application to a Machine ordered to Subcontractor, Proceedings Of Virtual Concept2003 (in France) pp149-154 (2003)

Nakamura, K. and Sato, S: Software Designing Simulator for Controlling Multiple-Mechanism Carrier System, Proceedings of KACC2000 (in Korea), pp450-453 (2000)  


       Past Research Activities ⇒ for knowing my background



<My Ph.D>

PhD in System Science 1991, by the research on Applied Artificial Intelligence ( Case-based Reasoning, Explanation-based Learning based on experiences of Knowledge system introduction

PhD in Knowledge Science 2009 by the research on Service Sciences (Three-Dimensional Service Value Creation Model Based on Multidisciplinary Framework) (Sep. 24)


<Additional Information>

I joined in JAIST-MOT course on Oct. 2004. Together with late Prof. Kameoka I have performed academic & research activities, including the Service Innovation 2004 conference (Almaden), SSME education conference for the 21st century (Palisade), NWU/Kellogg School, ASU/CSL, CMU/ITSqc, and the 1st Germany SSME conference (Ingolstadt), in Germany and so on.


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