This workshop aims to promote global collaboration in research on computational geometry, bringing together researchers from diverse geographic and academic areas, in celebration of the 65th birthday of Tetsuo Asano. The workshop features scientific talks by top researchers influenced by Tetsuo, demonstrating the importance of cross-cultural collaborations, and looks ahead to future developments and advances.

Date and Location

Date: June 11 (Wed), 2:30pm - 6:35pm
Place: Kyoto University Centennial Memorial Hall (A workshop in CG Week 2014)



Free for the registered participants of SOCG 2014.
Others should register from the SOCG webpage (1-day workshop registration).

Brief Introduction of Tetsuo Asano

Tetsuo Asano was born in 1949 at Kyoto prefecture, Japan. He has contributed to the community of computational geometry by his efforts to grow collaboration as well as by his scientific accomplishments. He inspired Asian researchers and worked hard to organize forums such as ISAAC, WAAC and the Korean Workshop on Computational Geometry, advancing the global community of computational geometry. Moreover, he has collaborated with people in different practical and academic fields requiring geometric computation, including VLSI design, image processing, image printing, telefax manufacturing and embedded system development, and has pioneered novel applications of computational geometry to other fields. He is a fellow of the ACM, IPSJ, and IEICE, and will be the president of Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) from April 2014.