JAIST Logic Workshop Series

Workshop on Proofs as Processes II

12–14 July 2015

Noto, Ishikawa, Japan

About the Workshop

The Workshop on Proofs as Processes II is a continuation of last years Workshop on Proofs as Processes. It will be held with the support of the Kurt Gödel Society, and a Royal Society Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation International Exchanges Award in Noto, Ishikawa, from 12‐14 July, 2015.

After the successful development of a Hypernatural deduction system (LICS 2015 etc) we will continue our long-term project on extending the classical Curry-Howard correspondence to hypersequent calculus and parallel processes. It will bring together scientists working on the various related fields who are interested in collaborating in the project.



Discussion and problems (post meeting)

by Giselle Reis on Linear Logic

by Alexander Leitsch on Cut Elimination

Note that the problem is fully solved for $\Pi_1$-cuts. The generalization to $\Sigma_1$-cuts and mixtures of $\Pi_1$ and $\Sigma_1$-cuts is easy.

by Matthias Baaz on Proof Theory


Kinoura Village, 927-1446 Ishikawa, Suzu, Oritomachi Hobu-25
木ノ浦ビレッジ 〒927-1446 石川県珠洲市折戸町ホ部25番1

Contributions and participants

Further participants are asked to contact the organizers.

Organising Committee

Kurt Gödel Society Royal Society Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation