A Framework that translate name-based pointcuts to analysis-based pointcuts.

Nataly can translate name-based pointcuts to analysis-based pointcuts. Then name-based pointcuts rely on the name of fields, methods, classes and packages in the program, and it is well known to be fragile against software evolution. The analysis-based ones have been emerged as a solution to the problem, which rely on the properties of the program checkable via static program analysis. One of the issues of analysis-based pointcuts from the view  pointcut the users is difficulty in use, that is, one has to first define their own analysis-based pointcuts with some right program analysis before using them. This work addresses the issue by given a name-baed pointcut as the input, generating an analysis-based pointcut inferred from it that captures potential properties.


Analysis-based pointcut


We implemented Nataly as a plugin for Eclipse in Java.

The Last implementation of the Nataly is here.

The documents of our framework can be find  here.


Lin Wang

Tomoyuki Aotani

Masato Suzuki

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Automatic translation from name-based pointcuts to analysis-based pointcuts for robust aspects,Lin Wang, Tomoyuki Aotani,Proceedings of 8th Workshop on Reflection, AOP and Meta-Data for Software Evolution (RAM-SE'11),to appear